VIRUS: “A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent, that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Viruses infect all cellular life.” – source: Wikipedia (EN)

Virus In Public has obviously put its mark onto the Dutch dance scene since 2005. By efficiently spreading printed matter, such as artwork and other publicity materials, no one can escape the instructive power of this national notorious infection – also known as the party scene.  
By cooperating with several companies, Virus In Public and her characteristic team of dynamic promoters are able to guarantee to effectively spread the word for many dance events. Known for their enthusiasm, the VIP promoters visit hotspots – such as barbershops, clothing shops and universities – and at night they hand out flyer packs at clubs and events/festivals.

Nobody can stop Virus In Public from multiplying. As an indefatigable market leader, Virus In Public collaborates with several dance-minded companies. Her loyal team of well experienced promoters easily spread the virus at festivals, club events and by handing out flyer packs, Virus In Public displays her dedication for the scene on an international and national base.

From spreading printed matter to reaching desired target groups, by creating the right team spirit. With many years of experience, Virus In Public has build up a large network and therefore no art design goes by unnoticed. Virus In Public stands up to its name and makes sure each dance event sets her own trail in the party minded dance scene.

By purposefully spreading flyer packs at club venues, and by hanging up posters and delivering flyers at schools and universities, Virus In Public is able to reach the dance minded target group.

Virus In Public offers several possibilities for advertising, including:

promotion materials in/on festivals:

- banner(s)
- sandwitch board(s)

inStore flyers en posters:

- shop promotion on location (city is optional)
- street promotion on location (city is optional)

-  Quick-scan market research, how the product is rated by target-group

For more information, please contact Virus In Public